Easy step by step eyemakeup



You need:

1. BOURJIOS happy light concealer ivory

1.The color art RIVAJ UK 36 colors makhmali eyehsadow kit,

color 4( gold brown), color 36(black) and color 1(used on inner corner of eyes, waterline and brow bones)

2. MAYBELLINE colossal kajal ( used as linear)

3. RIMMEL LONDON eyebrow pencil (used on eyebrows and lower eye lashes)

4. LOREAL voluminous false fiber lashes


Benefit Girl Meets Pearl



Excited to review about my most favorite highlighter/ illuminator. Benefit girl meets pearl is creamy texture that contains light reflecting pigments to give skin pearly shine.


How to use:

Just dab and spread it out by patting motion. Don’t rub or it will ruin pearly effect .

This soft, golden-pink liquid pearl luminizer give your complexion dewy glow. It includes raspberry & chamomile, known for their soothing properties and sweet almond seed extract improves skin firmness & smoothness. It comes in awkward packaging as you have to twist the stick and you never figure out how much product is left.


I use this product on the high points of the face (center of forehead, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow of lips, just above the cheek bone and a tiny bit on the chin. You can use this product with or without foundation.The thing I especially love about this product is not only its sheen and hue but also the longevity of wear. It really does work as a primer. It may be a little pricey, but if you use it like this it will last long and can be used on ALL skin types



Works on every skin tone

Great highlighter

Gives skin dewy glow

Can be used with or without foundation

Can be used with BB cream

Can be used as primer


Bit Pricey

You never know when it ends

Available at Sephora stores and online at:



Facebook pages:

International Makeup in Pakistan

Glitter Gloss and Glaze

The Beauty Broadway



My Rating: 5/5




What is Biotin and how it works..its referred as vitamin H( type of b-complex) that occurs naturally in common foods such as halibut, eggs and dairy, wheat products, carrots, Swiss chard, liver and kidney, nuts, some soy, vegetables, fruits, beans and mushrooms. Biotin not only promotes healthy strong hairs but also prevents hair dryness. Increase elasticity of cortex of hairs and minimize hair breakage.

After doing research I thought of trying as I used to have thin hairs. I started Now biotin 5000 mcg 1 pill with 1 multi vitamin for month and I saw noticeable difference in hair texture and new growth. Even nails grow long fast.

My skin is much clearer now. I tried taking 2 pills but my stomach complained. 1 pill per day of 5000 mcg is enough and will show you results. Please don’t jump on high dose 10,000 mcg directly. I suggest taking multi vitamin along with biotin because some people get pimples. This product works like a charm. Friends started asking me how my hair texture and length improved. Here’s my secret girls. Before hair length was 25 inches and now 32 inches in just 6 months. It’s much shiner, stronger and healthier.

Here is result


Favourite concealer this winter



Hey girls,

This is my very first review so little bit nervous. Hope it goes well. Bourjois happy light concealer in shade ivory. It’s a gorgeous creamy texture with full coverage. Little is more as it covers different skin tones and smooth fine lines. It’s great for people who have redness around nose and want concealer to stay long.

It works great on mix skin

Cover blemishes

Cover dark spots

Build in mirror for touch ups

Can be used as eye-shadow primer

Illuminate complexion

It’s not available in Multan. But you can easily order online from: