What is Biotin and how it works..its referred as vitamin H( type of b-complex) that occurs naturally in common foods such as halibut, eggs and dairy, wheat products, carrots, Swiss chard, liver and kidney, nuts, some soy, vegetables, fruits, beans and mushrooms. Biotin not only promotes healthy strong hairs but also prevents hair dryness. Increase elasticity of cortex of hairs and minimize hair breakage.

After doing research I thought of trying as I used to have thin hairs. I started Now biotin 5000 mcg 1 pill with 1 multi vitamin for month and I saw noticeable difference in hair texture and new growth. Even nails grow long fast.

My skin is much clearer now. I tried taking 2 pills but my stomach complained. 1 pill per day of 5000 mcg is enough and will show you results. Please don’t jump on high dose 10,000 mcg directly. I suggest taking multi vitamin along with biotin because some people get pimples. This product works like a charm. Friends started asking me how my hair texture and length improved. Here’s my secret girls. Before hair length was 25 inches and now 32 inches in just 6 months. It’s much shiner, stronger and healthier.

Here is result



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